The following attendance policy will apply to all students. Attendance will be taken at 8:00 a.m. 在上课的日子. All students will be recorded as present (P) or absent (A). Should a student marked as absent arrive for class after roll call, the absent (A) mark will be changed to tardy (T). A student with three or more unexcused tardies may be dropped from the program.

Due to the intense and brief nature of the program, absences will not be excused and will cause a student to be dropped from the program. Make-up work shall not be accepted for the purpose of removing an absence. 学校主管是否应判定因无故迟到或缺课而退学的学生在以后的真人赌场手机版中重修该真人赌场手机版将会受益, the student will be permitted to do so at no additional charge; however, 因迟到或旷课而被开除的学生,至少要在一个评分期结束后才能重新入学.

Should a student voluntarily withdraw from the program, the student will be eligible for re-entry at the beginning of the next school term. The class roll book will be the official, permanent attendance record for the school.


America’s Auction Academy requires a High School diploma or GED. Applicants must submit a copy of their High School Diploma or GED, or a copy of their High School or College transcript with the enrollment application.

age要求: The minimum age requirement for America’s Auction Academy is 18 years of age. 例外: 18岁以下的学生想要参加美国真人赌场手机版,必须完成高中或GED,并获得父母或法定监护人的书面许可,可能需要陪同.

如果一个希望进入美国真人赌场手机版的学生没有达到这些教育要求, we will offer admissions testing. Prospective students must score at least 18 on the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test. 请致电美国真人赌场手机版办公室(972)387-4200了解招生考试的详情. *请注意,Wonderlic测试只适用于准学生参加由美国真人赌场手机版管理的(83)小时的通用基本拍卖真人赌场手机版,不符合德克萨斯州或其他许可证法律州和/或国家的许可证资格要求.

In addition to these requirements, 所有学生都应具有流利的英语口语能力,并具有基本的阅读理解能力, 写作和数学,以理解所提供的材料,并充分受益于程序. 只要符合以上要求,具备一般能力,即可完成真人赌场手机版,成为一名拍卖师和/或拍卖销售经理.



In order to obtain an auctioneer’s license in the State of Texas, 您必须满足德克萨斯州许可和监管部门的以下要求:

• Be at least 18 years of age;
• Be a citizen of the United States or a legal alien;
• Hold a high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate;
• Not have been convicted of a felony within five years of the application date;
• Have completed 80 hours of classroom instruction at an Auction school approved by TDLR; and
• Pass an Auctioneer licensing examination.

This course is additionally approved in most all other license law states. 州外和国际学生必须满足其州或居住国规定的最低要求,才能获得拍卖师执照. 在进入美国真人赌场手机版之前,学生有责任联系他们所在州或国家的拍卖师许可机构,以获取许可要求.

平等机会学校: America’s Auction Academy complies with all provisions of the civil rights act. No person will be excluded from participation, 否认有任何好处, or subjected to any form of discrimination because of race, color, 宗教, 性, age, 国家的起源, 或障碍.


The minimum age requirement for America’s Auction Academy is 18 years of age.

例外: 18岁以下的学生想要进入美国真人赌场手机版必须完成高中或GED, or score at least 18 on the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test. 18岁以下的学生需要获得父母或法定监护人的书面许可才能参加美国真人赌场手机版,并可能需要有人陪同.

If you fall under these exceptions, 请致电(972)387-4200与美国真人赌场手机版办公室联系.


America’s Auction Academy complies with all provisions of the civil rights act. No person will be excluded from participation, 否认有任何好处, or subjected to any form of discrimination because of race, color, 宗教, 性, age, 国家的起源, 或障碍.

Rules, Regulations, Student Conduct

America’s Auction Academy expects the highest standards of personal conduct by all students. Insubordination to instructors or administration will be cause for termination. Students are expected to be courteous and well mannered at all times. Students will respect personal and school property at all times. Use or possession of illegal substances is grounds for termination. 作弊, 酒精滥用, 药物滥用, 或任何限制他人学习过程的行为将被视为严重不当行为,并将被开除.

A student in violation due to serious misconduct will be terminated from the school. 因严重行为不端及/或不遵守学校规章制度而被学校开除的学生,将不被考虑重新入学. 因严重不当行为以外的原因不能完成真人赌场手机版作业的学生,可以重新进入学校,并在下一节课继续学习.


是的, it is true what they say about Texas weather; if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute and it will change! Generally speaking, Texas winters are considered mild in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and the summer months bring hot days with warm nights. Spring and fall around North Texas are beautiful with mild days and cool nights.

学生们会想在一些场合带上商务装,比如班级照片. 男士应该穿西装或运动外套,打领带,而女士则希望穿标准的商务装. While we want you to be comfortable during your stay, it is our belief that professional auctioneers should dress accordingly, 和短裤, 人字拖, T-shirts and ragged jeans are prohibited in the classroom. You are permitted to wear caps and hats, but they must be removed during class.


取消政策: 如果学生在72小时内(截止第三天午夜,周六除外)取消入学合同,将获得全额退款, Sundays and legal holidays) after the enrollment contract is signed. 如果学生在开学前三天内取消注册,将获得全额退款, except that the school may retain not more than $100 in any administrative 费用 charged, 以及额外费用项目,是必要的部分参加的项目,并在注册协议单独说明.

1. 退款计算将基于截止到校日期的预定真人赌场手机版时间. 缺席, 停课及假期不计入上课出勤率.
2. 为退款目的而终止申请的生效日期为下列日期中最早的日期:(a)出席的最后一天, if the student is terminated by the school; (b) The date of receipt of written notice from the student; or (c) Ten school days following the last date of attendance.
3. If tuition and 费用 are collected in advance of entrance, 如果在72小时取消特权期满后,学生不能进入学校, 学校应为整个住宿计划或同步远程教育真人赌场手机版保留不超过100美元的任何行政费用.
4. 如果学生进入住宿或同步远程教育计划,并退出或在取消期后被终止, 学校或学院可以为整个项目保留不超过100美元的行政费用. 剩余学费和杂费的最低退还金额将按学费的比例计算, 费用, 和其他指控的小时数剩余的部分真人赌场手机版或程序的学生被指控终止的生效日期后熊总数量的小时的真人赌场手机版或项目的一部分学生被指控, 但是,如果学生在真人赌场手机版终止的生效日期已经完成了该部分真人赌场手机版总学时的75%或更多,则该学生不能获得退款.
5. Refunds for items of extra expense to the student, 如书籍, 工具, 或其他补办事项与退还学费及其他学杂费分开办理. The student will not be required to purchase instructional supplies, books and 工具 until such time as these materials are required. Once these materials are purchased, no refund will be made. 为全额退款, 学校可以从退款中扣除这类项目的费用,只要它们是必要的项目参加的部分,并单独在注册协议中说明. 任何此类项目不需要参加的部分项目必须包括在退款中.
6. A student who withdraws for a reason unrelated to the student’s academic status after the 75 percent completion mark and requests a grade at the time of withdrawal shall be given a grade of “incomplete” and permitted to re-enroll in the course or program during the 12-month period following the date the student withdrew without payment of additional tuition for that portion of the course or program.
7. A full refund of all tuition and 费用 is due and refundable in each of the following cases: (a) An enrollee is not accepted by the school; (b) If the course of instruction is discontinued by the school and this prevents the student from completing the course; or (c) If the student’s enrollment was procured as a result of any misrepresentation in advertising, promotional materials of the school, or representations by the owner or representatives of the school. 全额或部分退款也可能是由于其他情况下的项目缺陷或违反职业学校和大学的要求.
8.退款政策 FOR STUDENTS CALLED TO ACTIVE MILITARY SERVICE. A student of the school or college who withdraws from the school or college as a result of the student being called to active duty in a military service of the United States or the Texas National Guard may elect one of the following options for each program in which the student is enrolled: (a) If tuition and 费用 are collected in advance of the withdrawal, a pro rata refund of any tuition, 费用, 或学生为该项目支付的其他费用,并取消任何未付学费, 费用, or other charges owed by the student for the portion of the program the student does not complete following withdrawal; (b) A grade of incomplete with the designation “withdrawn-military” for the courses in the program, 学生成绩单上已经有成绩的真人赌场手机版除外, and the right to re-enroll in the program, or a substantially equivalent program if that program is no longer available, 不迟于学生免除兵役一周年之日, 费用, 或除以前未付的原学费余额以外的其他真人赌场手机版费用, 费用, and charges for books for the program; or (c) The assignment of an appropriate final grade or credit for the courses in the program, but only if the instructor or instructors of the program determine that the student has: (1) satisfactorily completed at least 90 percent of the required coursework for the program; and (2) demonstrated sufficient mastery of the program material to receive credit for completing the program.
9. 退款的支付将会完全完成,退款文书已被协商或记入适当的帐户。, within 60 days after the effective date of termination. “In all cases, refunds will meet or exceed the requirements of TEC, §§132.061年和132年.0611 and TAC Chapter 807, Subchapter N.”


所有学生都有权并被鼓励就任何与学校有关的不满向教师或学校主任提出. Should the grievance not be resolved to the student’s satisfaction, he or she may then address the school owner. Any and all unresolved grievances should then be directed to the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges Section, 东15街101号, Rm 226吨, 奥斯丁, TX 78778-0001, , www.texasworkforce.org/careerschools


This school has a Certificate of Approval from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)

The TWC-assigned school number is S2190.

The school’s programs are approved by TWC.

学生必须通过学校目录中列出的申诉程序来表达他们对这所学校或其任何教育项目的担忧. 学校有责任确保和记录所有的学生都收到了学校出版的目录. 如果作为学生,你没有得到这些信息,请通知学校管理部门.

对学校对其投诉的回应不满或无法向学校投诉的学生, can file a formal complaint with TWC, as well as with other relevant agencies or accreditors, 如果适用的话.

有关向TWC投诉的资料,请浏览TWC职业学校及学院网站(网址  www.texasworkforce.org/careerschools.